Q: How do i order? 

Select the item you would like, if there is a drop down menu select the option you would like. 

press the "customise and add to basket" once you have pressed it a 'personalised' box should appear.... this is where you can leave your personalised information including names, dates or a different quote to be stamped. (please read the listing carefully as there is usually a word limit which is different for all products.) 

then press 'customise and add to bag' again. 

Q: how do i add a gift voucher? 

once you go to the checkout page on the right there should be an 'order summary'  at the bottom below your selected products there is an 'enter promo code' box where you can enter the discount code. 

Q:Do you do custom orders?

A: Every item on my website are custom made, the designs you see are just an example, however please do contact us before you place an order to ensure the wording you would like will fit the piece. 

in the add on section you can add on extra charms which can fit names and dates etc on. 

Q:What is Metal Stamping?

A: Personalised pieces are Hand Stamped, which means each letter is placed by hand,  not machine-engraved, making each charm unique.  Part of the uniqueness that I love is that sometimes the letters don’t line up perfectly~ this is not a flaw but actually adds to the charm of the piece. Every Single piece will be totally unique and no two pieces will ever look the same. 

Q:Why Aluminium?

A:Aluminium is completely safe for the skin and actually has a lower skin reaction rate than with sterling silver. Aluminum does not tarnish and is non-allergenic. Please don't wear your piece while bathing or swimming

I use aluminium for those who are looking to stay within a budget but want the silver look.  My aluminum discs are thick and sturdy and can be double-sided stamped for an extra charge.  Aluminium is becoming more popular with jewellery as the sterling silver price keeps rising.

Aluminium is extremely lightweight, ideal for jewellery. 

Q: Is aluminum hypoallergenic?
A: Because aluminum is lead and nickel free, most people will have no reaction when wearing aluminum jewellery. In fact many people can ONLY wear aluminum.

Q: How can I care for my Hand stamped Jewellery? 

You can prolong the life of your jewellery by following a few tips on caring for it:

  •  Avoid contact with perfume or lotions, they will react with the plating and cause it to tarnish! Apply these products first then put on your jewellery

  •  Keep it dry. No showering in your new necklace! 

  •  Don't sleep in your jewellery. They're all delicately and lovingly handmade and might not enjoy a rough night's sleep!

  • A great way to keep your jewellery shiny for longer is in a ziploc bag or anything airtight.


Q: My letters are fading.

The darkness of your letters will fade over time especially on necklaces and bracelets . You can temporarily fix this with the use of a polishing pad (or a nail buffer) and a Sharpie marker. Simply colour the letters with the Sharpie and then immediately wipe off the excess ink with the buffer.

Q:How long will it take to receive my item?

A:Please check our home page for our current turn around  time. Our turn around time is the amount of time it will take us to make your order. Please note this doesn't include postage times. 

Q;How do I care for & clean my jewelry?

A: As we use silver plated chains we suggest you store your jewellery in an air-tight container or a zip lock bag to prevent tarnishing to the chain.  you can also polish with a gentle cloth as needed.

Q: Can I have both sides of my keepsake personalised?

A: As each piece is hand stamped, some slight indentation and scratching may come through from the lettering placement on the reverse of the keepsake due to this process.There are a number of designs that can be made in very thick metal (at an extra cost) that will allow this to be done.  Please email us FIRST to check if this option is available for the keepsake you wish to order.

Q;Can I have a longer chain?

A:Our chains are cut to size by myself, so you can choose any length of chain. Please leave details in comment box after you have paid