Fonts available

To customise a product please leave a note with Preferred font in the 'PErsonalised' box when checking out. 

please note as all fonts are different sizes sometimes it may not work with a certain product, if this is the case i will contact you to arrange something different. 



The largest font I have at 4mm.

it is designed to look a little 'rough' and isn't designed to aline perfectly. (Although i do try) 

uppercase only.

Works best on keyrings. 



Highlands Upper and Lower


this is the smallest font i have at 2.5 mm , it works well for all types of products. 

i can also just use HIGHLANDS UPPERs. 






this is my favourite for all everything, rings, keyrings, necklaces and bracelets. 

it adds a touch of elegance to any piece. 


Design Stamps



Newsprint uppers and lowers

at 4mm it is quite a large font, it works well on all products however may not be able to fit as much text on.